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Full Discussion Board Unit 2

Full Discussion Board Unit 2 - The American Legal System...

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The American Legal System Answer and discuss the following questions: How would you define “law”? What is the function of law and what functions are most important – why? What are the powers of the legislative and judicial branches of government? Do either of these branches ever over-step their bounds – how and/or why? Respond Expand All Collapse All Print View »Show Options »Hide Options Select: All None Unread Read Inverse Mark selected as: Read Unread View Selected View All Responses Response Author Date/Time* Discussion Intro Pamela Basmajian 11/15/2011 5:42:37 PM Class, We are looking at some very important foundations of our government and legal system this week - a definition for "law" and the branches of government. Please read your assignments carefully and post your answers here. Please remember to post on at least 3 different days over the course of the week and be sure to interact with your classmates by posting responses to their comments as needed. Pam Respond RE: Discussion Intro Kawana Gaylor 11/19/2011 7:38:38 PM I enjoyed the assigned reading. It really broadens my views on how cut and dry the law appears to be without compermising individuals moral religious views. Both State and federal laws were created in order to insure security and equality for all citizens.
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My definition of law Nicole Cruz 11/15/2011 6:05:34 PM Law is simply defined as rules designed by the majority believing something is morally, socially, and ethically correct and when disobeyed the consequences one must go through to right the wrong that has been done. Law is designed to keep peace, shape moral standards, promote social justice, maintain status quo, facilitate orderly change, facilitate planning, provide basis for compromise, and maximize freedom (ch. 5 pg. 179). I think all seven of these functions are important but keeping the peace, providing basis for compromise and maximizing freedom are the three base functions. One of the best things people can do is try and talk things through in a civil manner. When two people are angry this can be difficult to do between the two of them. It is then necessary for each party to find a way to mediate the situation which is when lawyers tend to get involved. As stated in the chart on page 179, 90% of all lawsuits are settled before the court date. This means the peace was kept, all parties compromised, and freedoms were preserved before actually heading into a court room. I feel these three when used can also help reduce court costs because when utilized they can help settle unresolved issues faster. Respond RE: My definition of law Clarivel Mateo 11/20/2011 12:43:09 PM Nicole, I agree with you; sometimes when a mediate is involve it does give an outsider a more understanding of the situation at hand but some people tend to think that what they are saying is right. Therefore, they won't give in to a compromise. Also it would be nice to reduce the cost of courts if more people can resolve their issues before entering the courts. As much as we try to
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Full Discussion Board Unit 2 - The American Legal System...

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