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Unit 6: Unit 6: Criminal Procedure and Administrative Law - Discussion Administrative Agencies Why were Administrative Law and Agencies created? What is their purpose and how is administrative law similar or different from civil law? Locate the federal Administrative Procedures Act online, and determine whether your State has adopted the Act or some variation. Discuss how these rules differ between jurisdictions. Respond Expand All Collapse All Print View »Show Options »Hide Options Select: All None Unread Read Inverse Mark selected as: Read Unread View Selected View All Responses Response Author Date/Time* RE: Discussion Intro Prof Kroh 12/13/2011 4:03:54 PM Modified:12/14/2011 5:15 PM Welcome back from mid-term week! Now it's time to get back in the groove and keep going strong for the last few weeks of the term. You are half-way through! Congratulations! Keep up the good work! Remember to post on at least 3 different days over the course of the unit and post at least 5 responses - both answering the discussion question and engaging in discussion with your classmates. This week we turn our studies to Administrative agencies. Administrative agencies are a very important source of law, but sometimes how they create and enforce laws is confusing to us. Hopefully our reading this week will clarify these issues for us. I look forward to your posts. Respond Administrative Law Kawana Gaylor 12/13/2011 9:22:03 PM Administrative law was created to govern the actions of the various administrative agencies,and to have steps in place to ensure fair treatment. The administrative agencies works branches off of
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the Administrative law tree. Each branch reinforces the other branches. One branch making the law, another branch presiding over, and another enforcing the law. Administrative law is different from civil law because civil law is related more to individuals. Administrative law focus on the "laws of the land". Colorado adopted the Administrative Procedure Act in 1959. Respond RE: Administrative Law Prof Kroh 12/14/2011 5:16:54 PM Thank you Kawana. Can you give some examples of Administrative Laws in practice? Respond Initial Post John Mathis 12/15/2011 7:02:25 PM Administrative law was created to regulate administrative agencies. Federal, state and local administrative agencies are created to implement law. Some examples of administrative agencies are the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Social Security Administration and Texas Real Estate Commission. While administrative law regulates administrative agencies, civil law seeks resolution of non-criminal disagreements. Chapter 227 of Wisconsin Statutes contains the Wisconsin Administrative Procedure Act. Respond
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Full Discussion Board Unit 6 - Unit 6 Unit 6 Criminal...

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