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Unit 8: Unit 8: Interviewing and Investigation - Discussion Evaluating Ethical Issues Are there any legal ethical implications of a paralegal conducting client interviews, collecting information, investigating, and screening? What issues are created by the attorney-client relationship when conducting an interview? Respond Expand All Collapse All Print View »Show Options »Hide Options Select: All None Unread Read Inverse Mark selected as: Read Unread View Selected View All Responses Response Author Date/Time* Discussion Intro Prof Kroh 1/3/2012 6:59:40 PM Class, It is great to be so involved in cases when you are a paralegal. You really get all of the interesting work to do and can be a great member of the legal team. But, of course, after our chapter on UPL, we know that there are some issues that come up so we make sure that as paralegals we do the right thing according to the ethical rules. This week provides another opportunity to discuss ethics and expand upon last week's discussion regarding the ethical rules that lawyers are bound by and paralegals ought to abide by -- consider the daily activities of paralegals and how these ethical rules intertwine with them. Review the rules that are implicated by interviews, collecting information, investigating, and screening and discuss here. This will be an interesting discussion because these tasks are something you may be doing day- to-day in your positions. Pam
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Respond RE: Discussion Board Guidelines Prof Kroh 1/4/2012 12:13:47 PM Modified:1/4/2012 12:14 PM Please remember to post at least 5 times on the discussion board. You should be posting 1 comment to answer the discussion questions posed and then post at least 4 comments to your classmates. Your posts should be substantive and further the discussion. Short comments like "I agree" do not count towards your posts. Please use proper spelling and grammar as that is graded too. Also, your posts should be on 3 different days over the course of the week. We are on the home stretch class! Keep up the great work!! Respond ETHICAL ISSUES Mia Zhaneen Malcolm 1/5/2012 9:29:55 PM The ethical issues that the paralegal needs to be mindful of while conducting interviews, collecting information, investigating and screening include: being mindful not to cause an “implied attorney-client relationship”; having caution with regard to the “attorney-client privilege”; ensuring that he or she knows when the statute of limitations will expire for filing the particular case and advises the attorney of same; knowing how to identify and handle inquisitive callers who are merely seeking information for their own gratification; being prepared; knowing the right questions to ask so as to gather the relevant information the attorney will need to properly analyze the case; understanding cultural, temperament and gender differences and using that knowledge to appropriately relate to the client. When a prospective client gives confidential information to the paralegal or the paralegal
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Full Discussion Board Unit 8 - Unit 8: Unit 8: Interviewing...

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