Columbian argument exchange

Columbian argument exchange - The Columbian Exchange for...

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The Columbian Exchange for the Europeans was solely about transforming America into the reflection of Europe, and raping its produce in return. Exploration may have originally been Christopher Columbus’s first intensions, but as most humans in history; power will corrupt anyone’s integrity. It has been humanity’s biggest weakness since the dawn of time. From the beginning, the Columbian Exchange was doomed to be purely an economical gain. America was discovered in an era of greed, Spain’s Queen Isabella was determined to make her country the most powerful in Europe, so when Christopher Columbus set sail with such a high demand, it was no wonder how ruthless and dark the Exchange would be. The Mississippians’ (Mound builders) were one of the largest civilizations in North America at the time, and were flourishing in the year 1150. They were advanced farmers who genetically bred corn from a grass originally found in Mexico; this was the first known attempt of selective breeding we know of. The Aboriginal population had no need of European technology; the Incan’s Empire stretched over 2,500 miles and had
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Columbian argument exchange - The Columbian Exchange for...

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