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Chapter 5-8 notes - her husband at least he got some...

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Chapter 5 Rev john williams begins with his sad dthought processes over his daighter eunice williams that the indians still hold captive. The french still have influence ever here and rebaptized hr catholic renaming her margaret williams. John then sends shuler to go a fetch eunice for him, giving him all the rights that he would have if he were to go. When shuler arrives he notices that the city of indians and french seem like a nice community. that everyone is together. the entrance is guarded by 2 priests that understnad all 5 tribes. the main tribe here is the mohawks, or maquas, in the city of kahnawake. when he speaks to the prest they tell him that eunice deosnt want to go. obeying the wishes of john, he still pushes forwards and asks to meet up with eunice. or course her husband comes to but that doesnt really matter. when the talking happends shuler speaks for 2 hours and all he gets from eunice as a no. why, because shes mad that her father remarried says
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Unformatted text preview: her husband. at least he got some information out. then he leaves. when john hears this he i saddens and pland to make the trip himself. he gets consent from the governor and sets sail. halfway there he gets in a discussion with the french about forcing her to go since she was to young to establish a family entity and shes sill a minor, being 16 and married to a 25 yr old. after a few months of debate, king henry the 14 and the french governor agrees. jogn arrives at kahnawake and messages to see his daugter. she refuses. he tries a totl of 3 times, and at the end a ultimatum, but the indians dont budge. as he returns the village of deerfied was exspecting all of them ot return, but instead only got a few, not including eunice. Chapter 6 Enter the praying indians, started talking about the the iroqois,...
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