Climat - The term Green Revolution refers to the renovation...

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The term Green Revolution refers to the renovation of agricultural practices beginning in Mexico in the 1940s. From then the term "Be Green" was adopted by agricultural activists to stir the populous into an global environmental awareness campaign. The word "Green" comes from two meanings, the earlier years coined the term from the produce the Mexican farmers sold. Later years the Green House effect what scared into the minds of billions in order to create that same awareness. What would cause the world to want change so abruptly and where is the antagonist coming from. The fear of the change has always betrayed the people, especially something as large as global climate, and its maker, raw energy creation and consumption. Climate can be defined as the meteorological conditions of an area over a long period of time. Temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, air pressure and some other elements all make a regions climate. The most common measure of a region’s climate is temperature and precipitation. The climate of a location is affected by its latitude, altitude, terrain, and proximity to bodies of water. For example, in the southern region of the United States, which includes Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas, the winter months tend to be mild with cooler nights. Closer to the Gulf the temperature averages in the high 50s, but further away from the water, in Oklahoma, the winter temperature is in the 40s. Desert regions tend to have warmer, dryer days thought out the year than the mountainous regions, which have cold air and snow. Coastal areas tend to experience an overall milder climate. (Regional Climates 2011) Climate change is the significant and long-term changes of the earth’s weather patterns, particularly as it pertains to temperature. The average temperature of the earth has been gradually increasing since the 1880’s. However, when observing the line graphs of temperature change from 1880-200, one can clearly see that the temperature has been climbing more rapidly since
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1960. The mean temperature fluctuates annually, so some years may seem colder than the last, but the overall average temperature is increasing. (Data 2011) Paleoclimatology (the study of past climate) can help determine if the climate change that
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Climat - The term Green Revolution refers to the renovation...

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