history cheat sheet - A. English Economic and Social...

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A. English Economic and Social Development a. Majority of white Americans shared pride in a common English ancestry b. The parent country set the tone for American taste and fashion c. colonials revered the British constitution as providing the world’s best and freest form of government B. Inequality in England and America a. Clear class distinctions in England i. Two percent of England’s population owned 70% of its land b. Colonists ambivalent toward English grandeur c. Concern over the idle in England, both rich and poor d. Some recognized that the English elite had purchased progress and material benefits for the few at a high social cost C. Politics in America a. English version of balanced constitution caused some alarm among colonials b. Colonial governments largely modeled after English government A. Enlightenment in America a. The two key events that intensified religious conflict were the spread of Enlightenment ideas and the influence of the first Great Awakening b. Leading figures of the Enlightenment period stressed the power of human
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history cheat sheet - A. English Economic and Social...

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