History notes - History Notes Columbus day state holiday in...

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Unformatted text preview: History Notes Columbus day state holiday in 1906 Federal holiday in 1937 - every October 12 1971 - moved to the second Monday in October What in the name New england consists of...-Massachusetts-Conneticut-Rhode Island-New Hampshire More settled Smaller Income Gap Strong puritan culture- Because these people came for religious purposes more Agriculture for local and provate needs Economy Based on trade, Shipping, Fishing Some Slavery Motives For Colonization Riches Exspanding Realm Spain has 100 year head start on english Adventure Investments Social Reform the colony of goerigia social refugees Religion Challenges to English colonization Late start portguses spanish dutch money People religion gets people free of debt if you go to America Religion and Northern colonial Settlement religion is crucial in northern colonial settlements impact of the reformation of england the separation and the reform of the catholic churches. Changing more modern. Religion major influence in the settlement on new England and pennsylvania Why did the reformation take place? Marthin Luther - John Calvin Calvinism, two General dissatification with the church devout christians emphasis on ritual Crowded cities bad becasue the church will have a hard time trying to maintain intellectual control ( the fear of a mob grows ) papacy losing a lot of their influence abuses at the local level Anti-clericism (the general dislike / distrust against the clergy Calls for reform ( change of the church ) - enter mob Source of conflict both personal and spiritual But the church was not inclind to reform itself ( they didnt want to ) The growth of New England 1620: Pilgrims founf the second permanent settlement in America the first being jamestown the second being new england result of discontent Persecuted as Separatists Contemplated leaving England Myth of the Pilgrims not crusaders left england for there own personal religious reasons church too pope-ish - the area is to centeralized around to pope. The pope had too much authority. There hasnt been much of a religios reform, there are just different titles. Still listening to the pope, to much, the ritutals are still too much inforced. T=Still hanging on to the ties of the roman catholic church, they dont understnad why they are adhereing to those church policies still. 1608: pilgrims immigrate to Holland Holland un satisfyed, they didnt like there religious tolerance hard to get good job while in Holland 1617 william bradford and the crew decided to sail to america 1618 There got permission from the king, and the king vowed not to molest them, KING JAMES Creates a historic concession - because it opens up american to a group of other reliogious factions....
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History notes - History Notes Columbus day state holiday in...

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