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Letter From Williamsburg

Letter From Williamsburg - Oct 6 th 1621 Dear brother...

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Unformatted text preview: Oct. 6 th 1621 Dear brother William; It's been 18 months and times are still hard, but we are still hopeful. It feels as if a century has passed, but our second harvest is growing very well. You should expect your shipment on time just like the last but this crop was yielded slightly different. A few farmers have been experimenting in cultivating a smoother plant. We’ve used their method and managed to do the same thing. Also since this is the second year, our soil is quite nutrient and required a lot less work, you should be seeing a more plentiful harvest. This gave Mary and I more time to spend together. We are thinking about having a few children here in America. Our faith is stronger than ever. The teachings of Martin Luther sing freely about the colony with no fear of oppression. Even the English Catholics here seem not to mind the Lutherans, that's what we call us, quite catchy isn't it. But still it feels like a little too much England has came over with us. The taxes are rising at and alarming rate. Although we stray from the catholic oppression they still find a way back into our at and alarming rate....
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