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A Liar’s Truth By: Micheal Salmon A lesson in kissing Every time I bring a girl to meet my parents, they always bring up this story. When i was young, there was a cute little blonde girl that always waited for me at the door way. We always smiled at each other and when i passed i kissed her on the cheek. I was two years old. Moving Driving has never really bothered me. I never caused my parents any trouble when I was driving. Never made that much noise to tell you the truth. Their was a strategy behind it of course. I’d simply just stay up all night the night before watching R rated H.B.O movies on my downstairs television screen, really quietly not to wake anyone and as soon as I heard my parents alarm clock go off. Id turn everything off and sneak into my room. I'd already be packed of course and i'd be so tired of staying up that night that i would instantly fall asleep. I could only sleep for a good 30 minutes before my parents came storming into my room waking everyone up telling them to get downstairs. So i would bring practically my whole house downstairs and help my dad load up the trunk. We weren’t going on any vacation this time, or a trip. No. .. we were moving again. I liked my home in Michigan. In fact this is the longest I have lived in a state. Almost 4 years we’ve lived here but now, like nomads we pick up our things and walk away. When I told my friends where I was moving to, they all said all I had to do was click my heels together and say “ There’s no place like home” Classic right? that’s all you could really do when you are twelve years old. Just wish. .. Kansas Kansas couldn’t be too bad. I mean the fact that nobody lives there, or maybe the fact that there are more cows than there are people. It could even be the fact that tornado’s around here are as common as a car accident is in New York. But for some reason I didn’t want to go. I let my dad know that of course and he set down the law, so… There is no use in arguing. I awoke when we had about a few hours left, its was some 14 hour drive and I was proud to say that I made it the whole way minus the piss stops and the food. As I looked around at the scenery it wasn’t like anything that I expected to see. The grass was beautiful and green, there were a lot of buildings everywhere. It wasn’t anything like I had expects it to be. We pulled into a neighborhood that was filled with large 2 story house’s 3 and 4 garages, I’m wondering who we were visiting. We pulled into an empty drive way, I guess there not home. And then my dad said “get out. We’re here.” There’s no place like home. School School was a reenactment of 16 candles, you know the typical Junior High School environment. The teachers were mean and fake, the lunch food was gross, and the kids in the school were in the tightest groups.For the next few days I sat next to Ryan McRoy alone. Yup a McRoy, he was black, there wasn’t that many non-white kids at California Trail, he didn’t seem
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too popular at the time, he accepted me. As time went on we became good friends. He then
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LT_in_editing - A Liars Truth By Micheal Salmon A lesson in...

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