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Midterm Portfolio Evaluation Sheet Michael Salmon

Midterm Portfolio Evaluation Sheet Michael Salmon - had...

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Midterm Portfolio Evaluation Sheet Author: Michael Salmon Required Sections All required sections of the Midterm Portfolio are present (yes/no): Yes Missing sections: The Polished Writing Idea Development: Excellent Sense of Purpose: Excellent Organization: Excellent Style: Strong Grammar & Conventions: Strong Revision: Strong Overall Midterm Portfolio Grade: 3.5 A-/B+ Midterm Portfolio (20%): 3.5 A-/B+ Quiz Avg. (10%): 4.62 A Reading Response Avg. (20%): 4.0 A Grade Thus Far: 3.92 A Comments: I found barely any revision from your eval drafts to your final drafts, but because you already
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Unformatted text preview: had solid marks, the lack of revision did not harm your overall portfolio. For style, try to vary your sentences just a touch more in structure, length, and in their beginnings. For grammar and conventions, there are still a few grammatical mistakes, and I can overlook most of them, but— for conventions—MLA format must be used: a Works Cited page is must for the literacy narrative. But these a small complaints. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up!...
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