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Micheal Salmon Us History : Reading the American Past Ancient America: Before 1492, A Seneca Origin Story, The Woman Who Fell From the Sky: The part about the twin brothers Djuskaha and Othagwenda reminded me of the story of the two priests, How one priest did a wrong thing then the second thought about the wrong things for much much longer. Who was in the wrong, the judge is always up to the reader. . I also find it really interesting the compromise between good and evil in the end; like the modifying of the animals and the landscape. It was overall a pretty good story, I liked how many similarities there are in different religions. Europeans Encounter the New World 1492-1600, Columbus Describes His First Encounter With Indians: Columbus sounds so sadistic as he describes the way he can control the people at any time and how he can gain anything from them. He goes on to say that he will take six of them back with him to the Queen. Their people believed that Columbus and their men came from the heavens. He began to describe how he gave them beads and in return they
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