Paper Four (Eval Draft) - Micheal Salmon Due Date ENG 1113...

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Micheal Salmon Due Date: 11/21/2011 ENG 1113 Quinn Irwin Paper 4 (Eval Draft) A Game for Gamers (MtnDew Commercial) If I were to create a commercial, that sells a video game and my favorite soda, I would create the exact same commercial that Ebisoft did. The commercial connected with me in such a way, that as soon as the game came out, I bought a carton of mountain dew, bought the game, and played all night. Why did it hook me, why did I feel like I needed to purchase this game even, though I haven't finished my other games yet? Why, did I feel thirsty for a drink I don't even like? "All purchasing decisions really lie beyond conscious thinking and emotion and reside at a primal core in human beings."[Rapoille] Let me first summarize the commercial for those of you who haven't seen it. A small squad of four guys are walking in front of a gas station. You're in a first person view of the assumed squad leader, as the four guys -dressed in full army assault gear- strategically enter the building. Scanning the gas station for potential danger, they quickly assault the soda fridge. As the main character grabs a Mountain Dew, he drinks it, as when he finishes a double XP icon pops up exactly like it would if you were playing the game. Then after the bottle draws away from his mouth, his marine squad transforms back in his normal friends wearing normal cloths all holding cartons of Mountain Dew. Although this is a very short summary, there is so much emotion packed tightly into this. Taking a step back lets first dive into the prop of the commercial, Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew first starting their campaign to sell to all kids. Like sprite, advertizing how refreshing it was. Negative media flew around that Mountain Dew was horrible for your body, that the sugar would
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Paper Four (Eval Draft) - Micheal Salmon Due Date ENG 1113...

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