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Micheal Salmon Professor Irwin English Comp 31 st August 2011 Children the Challenge As Emery (age 3) saw her favorite fruit snacks as her mother walked down the grocery isle, she reached out with her tiny little hands and placed them into the cart demanding to eat one now. Her mom nicely declined and reminded her that she has some at home and if she continues to be a good girl she’ll get one. Emery continued to ask getting louder and louder as time passed, yet still mom held strong. Finally in her last effort Emery starts crying loudly throwing her arms about. Mom then, out of habit, told her to please stop crying you’ll get fruit snacks when we get home. Emery then demanded that she have them now. Mom ignored her demands and crying at first then realized that she was getting stares. Feeling uncomfortable with the negative attention she was receiving she finally gave in and opened up the box of fruit snacks to give her daughter. The reason I started out with this short story is because at first to me I saw this and didn’t think anything of it. In fact I thought the mom was way over understand and should have given her daughter a little spanking. I have personally been in this situation many times not knowing what to do. The threats of spanking don’t seem to faze the kids today, but thinking about it now spanking to me didn’t mean much either. My parents still tell the stories how when I was a child and I knew the consequences I would think about it for a second and weight my options. Is eating this candy worth a spanking? Is not having dinner worth not eating my broccoli. Is going to the party worth being grounded
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for a month? Usually the answer was always yes. In fact, I was grounded for a year for
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Paper One (Rough Draft) - Micheal Salmon Professor Irwin...

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