Paper Three (Eval Draft)

Paper Three (Eval Draft) - Micheal Salmon Adaptation Quinn...

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Micheal Salmon Adaptation Quinn Irwin Eng 1113 (Rough Draft) Searching for Death There is a old wives tale from Scotland that I remembered from a campfire some years back, telling of some men looking for death. I remember telling him that he told the story horribly and if I were to tell the story, it would go something like this. One day, at the bar patio of the small town in Cherriesburg Scotland, Three men sat merrily at their table drinking. Wondering when their forth friend would come join then, they noticed a doctor carting a few bodies into the morgue. The smaller of the three men ran up to the doctor asking him what happened. The doctor then responded “Death got to them all.” Shocked to hear this, the small man ran up to his buddies to tell them what happened. Angry the men yelled demanding to meet death, so they wandered all around town trying to find him. As the sun was setting they ran into an old woman draped in a dark gray cloth. Looking feeble and ill the three men galloped in front of her asking the same question posed in front of the whole town. Expecting no response, the men turned away. Out of the back of there ears they hear a small voice, “You'll find death their, past the two oak trees in the forest.” When the men turned around the lady was gone. Energized with new hope, the men grabbed their swords and sprinted into woods in search for death. As they approached the two oak trees they found three mounds of gold. Impressed with
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This note was uploaded on 01/30/2012 for the course ENG 1113 taught by Professor Irwin during the Fall '11 term at University of Central Oklahoma.

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Paper Three (Eval Draft) - Micheal Salmon Adaptation Quinn...

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