Paper Three (Final Draft)

Paper Three (Final Draft) - Micheal Salmon Quinn Irwin Eng...

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Micheal Salmon Quinn Irwin Eng 1113 Paper Three (Final Draft) A Glass of Hot Cocoa Starting off a short story, with an introduction of the narrator isn't often sought. Trying to think back to the plethora of books that I have read, I can't think of any that began that way. Why would Micheal Salmon, the author of "A Glass of Hot Cocoa," begin with a pseudo introduction to the main character to the story? “-Who am I- you ask, well, I really don't need an introduction. You actually know who I am already, so let me just skip to the part where I tell you how we meet." (Salmon 4) Salmon, established a tone for his narrative. He wanted to write a story, about a story, told from an imaginary character. An imaginary character that has no human qualities, and is more an verb or an idea, than a person. The way he established Death's rapport was a little under genius. Society has often portrayed Death as a stone cold killer. As an inevitable means to an end, that we all procure. To construct this being, as a main character, is a recipe for a boring tale, so Death had to be changed. Nice introduction. Death in "A Glass of Hot Cocoa" had an almost humorous view of the world. He partook in all the normal activities of the time, but didn't like the living. This was the key element to make his short story work. Salmon took Geoffrey Chaucer's original short story, "The Pardoners Tale," and rewrote it from another perspective. Geoffrey Chaucer was from the 14th century, and this was around the witches' era. He exploited the fear of death and the fear of the unknown with a set of tales. The most famous of these tales being the "Pardoners Tale". He originally wrote this story in third person, with no relation to the characters. Similar to Salmon's, there were three men
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searching for death because of the loss of a loved one. Overwhelmed by the sight of money,
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Paper Three (Final Draft) - Micheal Salmon Quinn Irwin Eng...

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