part 2 - Eval Draft - Bacchus is michelangleos first...

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Bacchus is michelangleos first important statue, its is also one of the few that he actually finished. Many of the people that love the work are actually sorry that he sculpted it. If you look into the eyes of Bacchus you'll see an empty solemn look. A slightly mis-corrected look into the face of Bacchus you notice that his head looks a little bit twisted. The leg looks kind of stiff, maybe as if he hurt it earlier has a lot of his audience wondering if mistakes were made. Its funny because you wouldn't think that such a professional artist such as Michelangelo could make such large errors, then polish the statue to shiny perfection. Although this was one of his first, his back ground in anatomy should of proven most educational when forming the body in such a natural positional. This is compared to the paintings of the Sistine chapel, Michelangelo didn't waste an ounce of paint, making sure that each demon and angel from their body to thier face was ergonomically sound. His hair is full or grapes as well as his somewhat demon like
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part 2 - Eval Draft - Bacchus is michelangleos first...

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