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Micheal Salmon Eng 1113 Quinn Irwin Essay Number two Perfect Darkness smelling of Popcorn There a places in the world that have dimmed lights. The first of which came from the candle light during supper time. Families would only light 4 candles in respect to family closeness. When the light bulb was invented it only had two settings, on and off. To create the dimming aspect families would then throw a cloth or sheet over the lamp to create a different ambiance. When noticed, most restaurants have the same idea, and dim there lights during dinner times. The dimming lights in a dining area represent a romantic or personal atmosphere. Airplanes are another source of constructive light. After take off, when the airplane decides to level off and the fasten seat belt lights turn off. The flight attendants let everyone know that you can walk about the cabin freely. During this time the lights will begin to dim. The attendants explain that the lights will be lowered for you sleeping or reading convenience. That brings up two great points. Why cant people sleep with the lights on? People are trained as children to compare darkness to bedtime and thus the dimmed lights on a plane represent a calming, almost comatose atmosphere. The aspect of lighting is very important when it comes to the atmosphere a place wants to persuade you to perceive. The place that takes there lighting seriously and has the most affect on the psyche is the AMC movie theaters. As its customers first enter the movie theater they first must purchase a ticket of their choice. AMC designs there ticket cues with dignity. The red velvet ropes happily hanging forming a maze of silky waves for there customers to wait in. Above the ocean of cues
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places - Eval Draft - Micheal Salmon Eng 1113 Quinn Irwin...

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