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Project - find a shorter route to india and exspand their...

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Thesus- GlitterBomb The Natives, aim to prove that the colombian exchange was overall a detrimental era in american history. We are going to show that the merging of the two cultures negatively affected the course of history. Beginning with the Spanish hiring an italaino named Chritopher Columbus slaughering 1000's, and ending with the colonalization of the New England. The Euro's, aim to prove that we saved the oblivious Natives living in America from their fate of undevelopment. To show how important the exchanges of cultures were, and what might of happend if the americans where catalyzed. Ideas and Culture: When Spain paid the Italian [Columbus] to traverse across the atlantic, the goal was to
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Unformatted text preview: find a shorter route to india, and exspand their territory. As columbus launched his expedition it was a worry-some trip. Navigational errors accrued along with trivial weather made there trip near to impossible. Landing not even close to their actual destination which was India. Upon arrival columbas saw the first inhabitants of the americas in which he sthougtalk about the origianl landing. ht he was in india so called them indians. When the arrvial happend, you tube columbus video, edit that ho [email protected], [email protected] sources Europe vs England...
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