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Micheal Salmon Reading Assignment Eng Comp 1113 Quinn Irwin Thanksgiving My family isn't the usual family. Normal families meet on holiday's, maybe not even all holiday's, my family on the other hand get together just to get together. And when I saw my family, I mean all 32 of them. Not all of them live here, a large chunk resides in Texas, another portion in California, and few handfuls in Kansas and Missouri, but distance doesn't keep them away at all. Family activities are one of three things, the first being board games. Having Salmon blood, your born naturally competitive. In fact, in almost every holiday there are fights that cause so much rifts that people storm out of the house over a board game. Usually taking about six months to a year to mend, our family still habitually plays games. Coming on number two, is the main focus. .. Television. The only time my family watches television period, is the fact that we have a family fantasy football league.
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