The Unreedemed Captives Notes

The Unreedemed Captives Notes - The Unredeemed Captive...

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The Unredeemed Captive: Notes Micheal Salmon Huron indians, MoHawks, Abernackies, Iriquios, Canadian tribes Prologue - telling of the initial set up of there colony of “Deerfield.” Chapter 1- Settlement now resembles a small town. Tells of a few Indian attacks the there church being led by, John Williams. Colonel Samuel partridge, military leaders in charge of getting rid of the Indians. The french have settled in Canada and are waring with the English in the south, but are very out numbered. The English captured a french privateer known as john baptist. Such, the minister john Williams is there prime target which they are attacked. ( the mohawks, canadian indians. Iriqoius, abernackies ) The french are still working with the Indians. The Indians capture Rev. Williams. It was a massacre.48 dead, 112 total slain and captured. Out of 140 survivors. Then we follow the captives north, they witness, the birth bit of cruelty. In a drunken rage they murder a black slave. Captives dying from starvation, But rev Williams tried to rally everyone’s hope trough speech, praying on them one day being able to come home. Ransoms are faired as a lot of them are torting. Children are being re united with there family although some Indians would have it not. There are beginning to get connections with others. More men than women are surviving, all the teenagers survived because of there youthfulness. Altogether a horrid adventure. Chapter 2- There hear about the deerfield slaughter. Some men tried to hurry and help but by that time it was far too late. The governor is informed of the current proceedings. By the time the information got all the way back to London, the English wanted retaliation against the friend and the Indians. So they counter attacked and got prisoners for themselves. With these prisons a trade on a large scale happened and William got back most all of his family. In total almost 300 prisoners were traded between the two of them. November 21 st the brigantine hope dropped off John Williams and two of his children. Williams became a local celebrity, and the town hipped in to make he was at ease. He ends up writing a book about it because he was a local celebrity. He wrote a 25000 word book that was repeatedly reprinted and also printed again 6 times. He sought to marry his wife’s cousin since his wife died. Sewell disagreed and presented scripture that he was committing incest. Williams disagreed and married her anyways. Chapter 3- Begins with the exsplaining of the book. The first part was the pastoral letter, 2 nd was the lecture he gave when he returned. 3 rd the actual written narrative, and 4 th the god and camp sermon. Then the pastoral letter began. It was a written sermon , focused on the pain and suffering that he was feeling about. The second part, its gets better, he began talking about how the indians began to help them on their journey to canada. When the young were not ablt to walk anymore some of the indians woud begin to carry the young ones. Relationships between the
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The Unreedemed Captives Notes - The Unredeemed Captive...

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