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Yimgnia Christian 4215321 chapter 12 HW-short answer

Yimgnia Christian 4215321 chapter 12 HW-short answer -...

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1) The Blue Sky laws are individual state rules that control the issuance of securities for transactions of residents of a certain state in which the issuing company is chartered and principally doing business from registration prior to their sale to the SEC. S-8 statement is a registration statement that should be filed with the SEC and is used as a registration statement for employee stock plans. Letter of comments are requests by the SEC for any comments, changes or explanations before a registration statement is incurred. It is provided by the Division of Corporation Finance of the SEC so the firm can make the necessary changes required. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is a five member Board created by the SOX act of 2002 after the accounting issues were common in the stock market and
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Unformatted text preview: investments. Some of its responsibilities are to assure only two members to be accountants, past or present, enforcing auditing, quality control and independence standards and rules. It is funded from fees levied on all publicly traded companies and is under the oversight and enforcement authority of the SEC. The prospectus is the first part of a registration statement enclosing financial statements for the company and specifying the use to be made of the money received from the sale of the securities, the capital structure of the company, and a description of the business and its components. So every potential buyer of a new security should have a prospectus....
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