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James Fenimore Cooper Readings in American Literature Christian Yimgnia This reading was generally describing Natty’s journey and his experience with a killing scene with the Indians. Deerslayer discovered that the canoe had drifted toward the shore and it needed to be recovered. He could sense a little bit of danger that could arise from the Indians wanting to recover the canoe as well. And he was right as he tried to recover the canoe, Indians were shooting at him from far, but he successfully dodged the bullets. The author portrayed Natty as a smart, different, ethical and courageous man. So Natty not only gave the Indian and equal chance to defend or to attack, but after diplomatically tried to persuade the Indian about
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Unformatted text preview: the possession of the boat. Unfortunately, the Indian tried to shoot again after all his efforts; that’s when Natty felt obliged to defend himself and kill the Indian. I believe that was one of his first killing scene but he didn’t really have any choice. On his way back, he saw another Indian, but decided to let him leave because he was not armed. My interpretation of this text is that Natty is an honorable ethical man, who really had strong morals and values. He really valued life. He was also portrayed as a courageous man who didn’t back down on challenges. I think one of the author’s goals is to show how heroic and ethical Natty was in contrast to his comrades....
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