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Mary Rowlandson: The Narrative of the Captivity and the Restoration Readings in American Life Christian Yimgnia This reading is about the story of Mary Rowlandson’s capture by American Indians in the late 1600s. I believe this occurred during the war between the natives and the colonialists in Lancaster town. Mary really gave us detailed work of her capture and how the Indians were living and treating her. It could be very blunt and frightening at moments. The first part that appealed me in the reading is when she says “Then I took the Children to go forth and leave the house: but as soon as we came to the door and appeared, the Indians shot so thick that the bullets rattled against the House, as if one had taken an handful of stones and threw them, so that we were fain to give back.”(p.119) This really shows that the Indians were very aggressive and pitiless in their attacks. Then Mary was forced to leave the burning house after that event. She could see her family relatives severally injured or dead.
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