7 - REVIEW FOR MIDTERM II Prof. E. A. Carter Fall 2000...

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REVIEW FOR MIDTERM II Prof. E. A. Carter Fall 2000 Atomic Wavefunctions, Energies, and Properties (Chapter 6) Spherical polar coordinates; nlmm s ; types of orbitals, nodes; E n ∝ −Ζ 2 /n 2 , r n n 2 /Z where n = 1,2,3. .. for 1-electron atom/ions; energy level diagrams for 1- and many-electron atoms/ions using Z for 1- electron case or simple shielding model and Z eff for many-electron atoms; Pauli exclusion principle; Aufbau principle; Hund's rule; electron configurations; core vs. valence electrons; transition metal electron configurations; trends in orbital size, IE, and EA. Chemical Bonding (Chapter 2.3-2.4) Bond properties (types- covalent, ionic, donor-acceptor; trends and reasons behind the trends in lengths & strengths (e.g., overlap, core-core repulsions, etc.); bond orders; dipole moments, bonding/antibonding energy curves) Lewis Dot Structures for Atomic Connectivity in Molecules (octet rule, lone pairs, valency, formal charges, resonance structures, and expanded octets); include all acceptable resonance structures. Acceptable resonance structures: those that either obey the octet rule or that minimize formal charges or do both); also include resonance structures if needed to make equivalent atoms have equivalent electron distributions. VSEPR theory (draw Lewis structure, figure out distribution of e- pairs from steric number, deduce structure from where nuclei are, account for small changes in ideal angles via BP/LP repulsion; figure out polarity of molecule by adding up bond dipoles – know how to add up
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7 - REVIEW FOR MIDTERM II Prof. E. A. Carter Fall 2000...

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