9 - Mid-Term#1c Feb 5 2001 Name of TA CHEMISTRY 20-A...

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1 Mid-Term #1c CHEMISTRY 20-A SOLUTIONS Feb. 5, 2001 . . Student Name . . Name of TA . . Student I.D. No. PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME & NAME OF YOUR TA and READ the DIRECTIONS on THIS PAGE PLEASE DO NOT TURN PAGE UNTIL ASKED TO DO SO . DIRECTIONS . Do all problems. All work and answers should be written on the exam. Please write legibly and clearly. Partial credit will be given; correct statements will count in your favor, incorrect ones will count against you, unintelligible or illegible ones will not count at all. Wherever applicable, show your work, justify approximations, and explain what you are doing; otherwise no partial credit can be given. It is usually useful, when possible, to work problems out algebraically first. Pay attention to significant figures. Allocate your time between problems judiciously. This is a closed book exam, but you may make use of a single 8.5" by 11" sheet of handwritten notes (both sides). This exam consists of 6 pages Problem. Max Grade Grade 1 25 2 25 3 25 4 25 --------------------------------------------------- Total 100 Some possibly useful data: h = 6.63x10 -34 J s c = 3.00x10 8 m s -1 N o = 6.02x10 23 particles mol -1 |e| = 1.60 x 10 -19 C. m electron = 9.11x10 -31 kg m proton m neutron = 1.67x10 -27 kg 1 eV = 1.60x10 -19 J Some possibly useful formulas. ε = h ν Ε=(1/229 mu 2 + U F = ma = -dU/dx c = λν λ m = h/mv electrostatic U(r 12 ) = 1 4 πε o q 1 q 2 r 12
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2 1. Balance the following equations. If you want partial credit (
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9 - Mid-Term#1c Feb 5 2001 Name of TA CHEMISTRY 20-A...

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