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Unformatted text preview: Chem 20A: Discussion 3A Quiz 2 +21 @ @. AKKEVsK Please show ALL work & circle final answers or write neatly in the blanks provided . Please arrange the following bonds in order of decreasing polarity and indicate the more electronegafive atom for each of the bonding pairs using “chemical notation”. 3+ 5 l (p 6 Z 3 ‘1 " l j C—F, C—H, C—P, C—O, C—N, C—Br, C—C mos-\- po\a_v ——3 \aotg—l— Po\a.v- Elalmvw V“- C‘F C~Bw Q-P . A Violet laser pointer emits light with a wavelength of 405 nm. a. Calculate the frequency of the light emitted. Is the energy of the light emitted higher or lower than that from a red laser pointer, where lied: 650 nm. V: E— : Z-qol‘l‘l M06 @5— A 15TG\C~C. {Hex/8‘ 043+va vx’o\a.+ £Q$LW Ll-ObxlD-q m - is H\BH \/ =* 7.L-\0 Ho” 34 ER b. Calculate how long it takes a pulse of light to reach the front of the lecture hall assuming the professor is standing 1.78 x 102 m away from the front. lu-mt : 0H Stance 2’ -7 '-" "—Hax‘Om :5-q%xl0 Sec. 2.‘K°l1°lxlo%% Speed 3 0.50l73,41s,e.c. Draw a Lewis diagram for the following compounds. Indicate the steric number (SN) and, approximate the molecular geometry. In the formula, the symbol of the central atom is given first. PCls' tot # C= 5+Ln(13+\= Hg Steric Number: to Geometry: 0 L'l'Odn L A VQA Draw final structure here + Z) . What is AE for the following reaction, assuming the bond is completely ionic (please write your answer in kI/mol]: LiBr 9 Li + Br Laer -——> Li‘ + By“ —-9l.i + Br Ll*+Q———> Ll Bria Qfl-tBr‘ AEd 1 —\/Co\oum\a " go = — 2.2, NA Lin—for ‘03 _ ( 15043- EMBA} = — (*m‘mU-bmxld‘a‘qz «02,4023 x -n x -w m -— (520424 k3." = ——(—555.%H:—£ _. mth “‘0‘ Mo\ = swam w/mog a zoo W/mL Useful information: LiBr bond length = 2.5 A. n = 3.1415 s. = 8.85 x 10-12 C2 1'1 m‘1 - e = 1.6 x 10-19 C 58 kJ/mol 520 kJ/mol V = (11>qu films“) 324 kJ/mol 1140 kJ/mol 1] = 1 kg*m2/s2 = 1 N*m NA = 6.022 x 1023 mol*1 ...
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classes_Fall11_20A-3ID14_Q23AKey - Chem 20A: Discussion 3A...

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