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TOOLS & TECHNIQUES OF EMPLOYEE BENEFIT AND RETIREMENT PLANNING 9th Edition College Course Materials Deanna L. Sharpe, Ph.D., CFP®, CRPC®, CRPS® Associate Professor CFP® Program Director Personal Financial Planning Department University of Missouri-Columbia Please Note : Correct answers for each question are indicated in bold type. After each question, the number of the page containing information relevant to answering the question is given. When a calculation is necessary or the reasoning behind a given answer may be unclear, a brief rationale for the correct answer is also given. Part A: Retirement Planning IRAs Chapter 6: Roth IRAs True/False 6.1 Unlike a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA contribution is not restricted by active participation in an employer’s retirement plan. 6.2 A premature distribution penalty can be assessed on Roth IRA withdrawals 6.3 Account holders with more than one Roth IRA can treat them as separate accounts when calculating tax consequences of distributions from any of them Answers: 6.1 True [p. 57] 6.2 True [p. 57] 6.3 False [p. 58] Multiple Choice 6.4 A tax-free rollover of Roth IRA can be made to a. another Roth IRA b. a traditional IRA c. a tax-deferred annuity d. a and b e. a and c Answer: A [p. 59] 6.5 Which of the following permits a tax-free distribution from a Roth IRA
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