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I believe I am a good choice for this internship because I can offer insight and knowledge into what it is really like to be a foster child. I have witnessed firsthand the problems the current system creates and I am dedicated to someday changing these during my political career. This internship could be the perfect step to in my life to start my career and start making a difference. I would like to give a voice to the many children who go into foster care each year; a voice for a generation of kids growing up in a messed up system that is aimed to help them, but usually ends up creating just another statistic. Children in foster care are mostly invisible in communities and often lack information on where to obtain much needed financial and educational support resources. Knowledge and information is the key to taking a corrupted system and creating a group well educated well rounded colligates with bright futures. The three following issues are the main issues I feel need some major change, Keeping siblings together, giving them a voice,
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