AFA Midterm - Jamie Boyd Midterm Midterm Question 2 When...

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Jamie Boyd Midterm Midterm Question 2 When discussing race regarding Zora Neale Hurston’s novels the first thing that sticks out to me, is in her novel “Dust Tracks on a Road”. What caught my attention is when Zora discovered that everything she had learned about slavery wasn’t exactly the truth. In chapter ten on page 164, Zora discusses her opportunity to learn from Cudjo Lewis about the truth of the African slave trade. On the next page after learning about the truth from Cudjo she talks about how all along she thought it was the white people who had sold her but in the second paragraph she learned that the white people had just bought her. Her very own people are the ones who sold her. Zora says that did away with the folklore she had been brought up on. While she thought her people had been exploited by the whites she learned that her people were really exploited by her own people. They learned fast that people were a profitable trade and gave up any means of real work to profit off of selling their own. I think for Zora listening to Cudjo tell of his capture, was a shocking truth. I think her whole life she was always criticized for not playing the race card, for not being mad at the white people, just to discover she had good reasoning. It was her own race that was responsible for the many years of pain, turmoil, and slavery her race had to endure not just the white people. I enjoy how Zora gets right to the point when it comes to race, she was never going to be defined by her race, nor was she going to let race dictate her whole life. Another big race issue that stuck out to me was how Ned Crittenden in chapter one of “Jonah’s Gourd Vine” was as Lucy put it always running his race down. I believe he’s as a good example of the “my people, my people” plea. In chapter one he was always on John Buddy for
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AFA Midterm - Jamie Boyd Midterm Midterm Question 2 When...

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