BTK - Jamie Davis BTK Analysis The ones who knew him never...

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Jamie Davis BTK Analysis “The ones, who knew him, never had a clue”…. th , 1974 Dennis Rader also known as the BTK Killer killed his first victims by binding, torturing and then murdering them. Bind, torture, and murder, how BTK came up with is own nick name. BTK got away with murder for over thirty years until new technology and his narcissistic need for credit and recognition, got him caught. His wife and family were nothing but a front for him, to cover up what kind of person he really was. It’s scary to think that such a deranged mind can fool so many people for so long. But he seemed perfectly sane, and lived a “normal everyday life” without killing for years. BTK was much like the profile suggested. With his first victims being a family it was somewhat confusing when he soon switched his victim type for the next victim or projects as he called them according to A&E’s Documentary on him. Even though his victim type went from a whole family, to just women, his MO stayed the same. Mostly strangling women with everything from belts to panty hose, or suffocating them with plastic bags due to his sexual fantasies. The fact that he changed his victim choice is rather uncharacteristic of serial killers. . The big question in this case is how did the family of Dennis Rader, and the
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BTK - Jamie Davis BTK Analysis The ones who knew him never...

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