CCJ 3024 Spring 11 - CCJ 3024 Survey of the Criminal...

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CCJ 3024 Survey of the Criminal Justice System Spring, 2011 It is the responsibility of the student to familiarize themselves with all policies, procedures, and deadlines that are outlined in this syllabus. Please read it carefully. Professor Contact Information: Instructor: Professor Kim Lersch, Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Florida 1995 Email: [email protected] Please try to email from within the Blackboard system as your emails are automatically stamped with your course name. I’m teaching 2 different on-line courses this term. If you email me directly, please be sure to let me know which course you are in. Office Hours: TBD General Education Notice: Depending on your catalog year and/or home campus, this course may or may NOT fulfill social science general education requirements. Please check with your advisor. Catalog Description: An introduction to the structure and operation of law enforcement, prosecution, the courts, and corrections. Also includes brief coverage of major reported crimes . Please see the Textbook area in Blackboard for a detailed description of your required text and access code as well as ordering options. Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have all required course materials in hand prior to due dates. No extensions will be given on due dates because of financial aid issues, textbook shipping issues, or other problems related to the purchase of your textbook and access code. If you choose to order your text through an on-line company do not use the bargain shipping options—if you read the fine print, this may take up to 28 working days. A Note on “first day attendance:” You must log into the Blackboard Course site for the course during the first week of classes through the MyUSF portal. As you are (hopefully) aware, USF has a mandatory first day attendance policy in all undergraduate courses. This policy applies to ALL courses, regardless of delivery (traditional classroom, web, whatever). Therefore, if you do not log into the Blackboard course site by noon on FRIDAY, JANUARY 14th YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE COURSE!!! Also note —if you do not like what you see as far as the course goes after the first day or two, PLEASE DROP THE COURSE THROUGH OASIS. You do NOT have to log into the
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“course documents” area to be counted as attending the course—which means if you don’t have your book the first week of classes (and the required access code) you will not be dropped. Course Requirements: This course is offered completely through the Internet using Blackboard Course Software. Students must have reliable access to a computer with an Internet connection. Students will work independently through the course content. You may work ahead and complete the units as quickly as you wish, but you cannot fall behind. Once a due-or-die date has passed for a unit, you will not be able to access that unit. You are required to keep an eye on your USF email account. I will be sending out emails
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CCJ 3024 Spring 11 - CCJ 3024 Survey of the Criminal...

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