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Changing babies to change the world

Changing babies to change the world - Jamie Boyd...

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Jamie Boyd ISS -Boeringer (Extra Credit) Changing Babies to Change the World. The use of in vitro fertilization and stem cell technology has become greatly prevalent in modern reproductive science. Given the term’ “designer babies” by the media it may one day eradicate humankind of disease. (1998 - Early 2000: The First Wave of "Designer Baby”) The main reason I support In vitro fertilization is mainly because, not only are you making sure your baby is born free of any genetic defects or diseases but you could also save an older sibling that might be going through exactly what you were trying to remove from your baby. The use of such practices as in vitro fertilization, egg screening and DNA replacement are all ways to force the human race to evolve to healthier, happier beings. In vitro fertilization is nothing new to the science and medial world. Actually, it’s been around for quite some time. There is controversy surrounding the practice of utilizing this technology to select embryos of babies which can go on to save the lives of older sibling. Using In vitro fertilization in this way is salvaging human life and the opposition to it is unjust. As well as in vitro fertilization, in the future we may be able to cure genetic diseases in humans by replacing faulty sections of DNA with healthy DNA inside of embryos; I.E. creating your designer baby. Some people believe the use of in vitro fertilization to create designer children is morally unacceptable and should be prohibited. Some claim it is playing God, but maybe its God’s will that we developed these technologies. With all of the time, effort and money involved in creating a designer baby, the baby will be born into a loving family that will cherish them.
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