Feminism Final Gender Roles

Feminism Final Gender Roles - Jamie Boyd Issues in Feminism...

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Jamie Boyd Issues in Feminism Final Gender Roles and Socialization From the dawn of mankind as long as people have been around, men and women have somewhat been pre-programmed to perform certain gender specific roles and live accordingly. From the day you’re born you are dubbed a pink or blue baby, and from there your life is intertwined with the traditional gender roles for the rest of your life, rather you choose to accept them or not. Boys are supposed to play with cars, and tools, while women are supposed to play with dolls and makeup; and displaying anything different can lead one to be chastised for the rest of their life. I personally hold the view that all gender roles in this world can be explained through two words- Socially constructed! The views that your sex, and your beliefs are the correct ones are engrained in your life since the day you are born, the world around you shapes your opinions on everything from politics to religion, as well as race and gender inequality. While it seems like our society is starting to come around to the not so traditional side of gender roles, a lot of our society still believe in traditional gender roles. Many other countries have not yet progressed in the ways that America has and women a lot of the times are still seen as possessions in third world countries. Most other countries are still intertwined in their old fashioned gender roles. The Chinese even have an ancient proverb that’s still engrained in the views of women to this day. “Men till, women weave.” (Elmin) This stems from the growth of the country and the important of textiles in the common wealth of the society. This was Chinas views that men and women both have distinct capabilities and the labor should be divvied up accordingly. This view is insane and it has
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taken a long time and a lot women’s suffrage to show that women are equal to men and we can do anything a man can do. Men and women have been socialized to perform certain gender specific roles and jobs in
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Feminism Final Gender Roles - Jamie Boyd Issues in Feminism...

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