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Jamie Davis Hand Maid’s tale theme. One of the most important themes of The Handmaid's Tale is the presence and manipulation of power. In this society where there is no separation of state and church, there is no possibility of appeal, no method of protecting yourself, or your family from the government, and no hope that a higher power will somehow interfere. Unlike a democratic society, where the people choose to be governed and thus have an interest in maintaining the organizations of society, in Gilead the possibility of surveillance is be constant. The only place that people are free is in their own
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Unformatted text preview: heads, and even then they feel like “the eyes” are always watching them. Despite the Gilead regime's success at controlling everyone, the book demonstrates that even if a huge amount of power is taken from people, they will still find a way to have control over themselves and other individuals. Offred even manipulates her sexuality in the littlest ways, knowing and using the fact that she does still have power even if it is just because she is a woman....
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