Informal 4 Women's unpaid labor in the home

Informal 4 Women's unpaid labor in the home - Jamie Davis...

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Jamie Davis Informal #4 Women’s Unpaid Labor in The Home (My thoughts from the beginning of Chapter 8) Nothing compares with the stress of looking after small children, cooking for them and cleaning up after them. But now were adding an outside the home job to the mix. Housework gets no recognition, no status, and is the most wearing job I have ever done. Paid work gets all the credit; it is measured to be “real” work. Yet the most common, exhausting, and complicated work is done for free and is mostly unseen to those who aren’t stuck at home doing the work. I had never understood, even myself the significance of the unpaid work women like I do. The book estimates women’s unpaid labor in America to be at $11 Trillion dollars. The varieties of jobs you must do when your job is considered a home maker are endless: cooking, cleaning, laundry, personal maid, health-care provider, teacher, counselor, secretary, everyone’s personal transportation and that’s just to name a few off the top of my head. Almost all of this
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