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informal 5 What I took with me - in being the typical...

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Jamie Davis Informal #5 What I took with me from this class. We’ve all heard someone say feminism is dead. I believe just the opposite. While it may be dyeing down, this class and text taught me how important the feminist movement is. I learned everything from how the world perceives feminist, to how different the world would be today if feminism never occurred. Women today have many more rights than they did even 50 years ago, and we owe all of that to feminist. Feminism is a lot more important to this world then I really realized and this class taught me that. I was shocked to learn that most of the younger generations of women feel we don’t really have a need for feminism any more. I think that while we have come a long way in women’s rights, we still have a much longer way to go. A lot of young girls and women think the battle is over because we can vote, and have a job. Still believe
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Unformatted text preview: in being the typical “house wife”, that’s just not me. I’m hoping I can get away from that stereo typical white woman. I really enjoyed the way this class allowed us to be exactly who we were, curse words and all! For me; being able to express myself however I wanted and being around, not only students who were relaxed enough to be able to be their selves but the professor as well, was a unique experience. I learned a lot about myself and this world when it comes to women’s studies. I also enjoyed how this class covered such a variety of different topics. A favorite being white privilege, that concept is all too real and none of us even recognize it. This class didn’t drill a feminist view into your head; instead it sort of taught me to open up my eyes to the world around me....
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