Midterm - Midterm Jamie Boyd Question 5 from Ch 1 When I...

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Midterm Jamie Boyd Question # 5 from Ch. 1 When I first signed up for this Woman’s Studies course, I really was not all that interested in it at all. I only took it because it was a requirement. After almost two semesters and reading numerous articles on women’s issues, I am so glad I did. At first I thought Women’s Studies was just all about radical feminists that just assume and think women are oppressed, but now I realize that although women have come a long way and sometimes it seems women that they have equal rights, they truly don’t Learning about Women’s lives taught me the real meaning of the f word, women, and their lives. I believe learning about women and their lives can help put a stop to some of the outrageous oppression going on in this world. I believe learning about it can change the future and keep it from repeating itself over again. I learned a lot in my former women’s studies course which led me to this course. Learning about women’s lives opened up another world for that I was completely blind to. I didn’t think coming into this class that I would take way some much knowledge about myself and other women. But not only does learning about women help women. It also helps empower men as well. Women are faced with so many issues throughout the world. Learning about women’s live really teaches you about everyday issues they face and gets you wanting to take a part in making a change. Question #2 from Ch. 2 I personally hold the view that all inequality between the people in this world can be explained through two words- Socially constructed! The views that your race, culture, and your
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beliefs are the correct ones are engrained in your life since the day you are born, the world around shapes your opinions on everything from politics to religion, as well as race and gender inequality. When It comes to gender its quite frustrating when guys think girls can't do the "Dirty work". They think we couldn’t survive without them but that’s wrong. What’s the most annoying is that guys think them half to be “alpha” males. It's impossible for guys to accept that women are better at some things and men are better at others. Most men can't comprehend the fact that just because something is empowering for women, doesn't mean that it is going to drop their status. Guys and not all of them necessarily seem to think women belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Times have changed, and this isn’t the 50’s and 60’s anymore. I'm not in the kitchen; you can find me out in the woods, or in the garage! When it comes to race, I don’t understand why we can’t just co-exist. What is the deal with white privilege, and why do whites feel they are entitled to it? There not better than any other race, but yeah the feel entitled. Is it human nature to create competition in every aspect of life instead of just drawing from each different person strengths regardless of race or gender? Why does one always half to be better? There’s nothing that says one person is better than the
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Midterm - Midterm Jamie Boyd Question 5 from Ch 1 When I...

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