My Ch 5 F - Ch. 5 Womens Bodies and Health Jamie Boyd -...

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Ch. 5 Women’s Bodies and Health –Jamie Boyd - According to Rosemarie Garland Thompson says that in Western culture female bodies are deviant and inferior. She also says that hierarchical separates body and mind, and considers an organic, bodily process which goes along with females inferior to the mind which goes along with males. *U.S. Culture often reduces women to bodies, valuing us only as sex objects or nothing but child bearers. - Women’s bodies are used a lot in the advertising industry to sell a variety of things. * Hair products * Beer * Cars and tires * Guns and many other things. --Which is said to have led to pornography. - A key part in the women’s liberation movement. * People of color and people with disabilities began reclaiming the bodies as just as beautiful, calling for ethnic pride. * People with disabilities argue that they are more handicapped by the mental limitations of non-disabled people then by their own minds and bodies, * Some culture views, view people with disabilities as an act of God, while others believe it is the women’s fault who birth disabled children. Beauty “Ideals Can Make You Sick --Everyone needs good food, clean drinking water, and plenty of exercise to stay healthy. What’s appropriate to stay healthy is different with each individual. - Two examples of a serious imbalance, eating disorders. * Anorexia * Bulimia - Feminist scholars believe that the nature of ads and media show girls a very idealistic view of beauty. * Thin
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My Ch 5 F - Ch. 5 Womens Bodies and Health Jamie Boyd -...

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