The Criminal Mind Effect

The Criminal Mind Effect - Jamie Boyd The Criminal Mind...

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Jamie Boyd The Criminal Mind Effect The mind of a killer is a dark and twisted place that can be quite hard to understand; not knowing the circumstances of their past. We have all seen how the FBI profiling teams of modern day pop television shows make quick work of a case. Within minutes the team has an entire working profile put together casing the suspect, how he will act, his age, his family life, and even what they believe he will look like; However, real life investigations are not so simple. They require far more work and dedication than an hour television show can allot before the team saves the day just in the nick of time by tracking the insane killer down through the profile they created. Such cases as the BTK killer, where a serial killer went uncaught for years, prove how horribly inaccurate these shows really are. The show makes it seem more glamorous than it really is and of course the offender, almost always matches the perfectly crafted profile. While there is such a thing as the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, I could not find any job that was even remotely close to the jobs portrayed in the series. Just like the CSI effect which most often refers to the belief in the American justice system today, that jurors have come to demand more forensic evidence in criminal trials, virtually making it impossible for prosecutors to convict someone without DNA evidence. Shows such as CSI, are thought to have corrupted the minds of jury’s. Jury’s and the public now have somewhat of an impossible expectation of forensic specialist who work in that field. A recent example would be with the Casey Anthony trial that just recently wrapped up. In my opinion as much as America wanted her to fry,
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the prosecution just didn’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt; but thanks to shows such as CSI, and Criminal Minds the public was furious. The main case that comes to my mind when talking about the use of criminal
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The Criminal Mind Effect - Jamie Boyd The Criminal Mind...

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