What I want to take with me when the class is over.

What I want to take with me when the class is over. - Jamie...

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Jamie Davis Informal #1 Bringing back the “F” Word. When I leave this class I want to walk away with a new understanding of Women’s Studies. Also I would like a much clearer understanding of the true meaning of feminism, and not just the view society has made it today. In reading my text book, Not only did I get a much deeper understanding of the “F” word, I learned so much I had never known just in the first chapter. I learned everything from how the world perceives feminist, to how different the world would be today if feminism never occurred. Women today have many more rights than they did even 50 years ago, and we owe all of that to feminist. Feminism is a lot more important to this world then I really imagined. Therefore, I want to quit sitting back and take advantage of learning in this Women’s Studies course. I was shocked to learn that most of the younger generations of women don’t even
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