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1. Your recent biography, including your course preparation, colleges attended and why you chose this course. (Due the 2nd Week of Class) 1-3 minutes. Assignment #1 Jamie Boyd I’m a 22 year old junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, studying Political Science and Criminology. I mostly take course on the Polytechnic campus, but have come to the Tampa campus to take my Political Science courses. I choose this course because I thought it would be a great refresher and update from my previous Political Science courses I took while studying for my AA at Polk State College. I thought this course would also give me an insight into government from the upper level. I knew political science and government was my passion from the very first government class I took in high school. Ever since I’ve been hooked! There just something about our constitution and the way our government works that has always kept my attention. I recently graduated with my AA in Political Science from Polk State College, and transferred here two semesters ago. While studying for my AA degree I took every political science course they offered, so now it
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