Comm 3SO3 course outline W2012 Capretta Final

Comm 3SO3 course outline W2012 Capretta Final - Commerce...

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Commerce 3S03 Page 1 of 14 Commerce 3S03 Management Skills Winter 2012 Course Outline DeGroote School of Business McMaster University C OURSE O BJECTIVE The objective of this course is to move students beyond the theories of contemporary management principles to the practice of management skills in a highly participatory classroom environment. The course will extend theoretical learnings from 2BA3 (Organizational Behaviour) and 2BC3 (Human Resource Management and Labour Relations) and help participants acquire practical management skills that are of immediate use in management positions. The course will allow for understanding and practice of three levels of skill development: personal skills, interpersonal skills, group and organizational skills. I NSTRUCTOR AND C ONTACT I NFORMATION Class times and locations: C15 Tu 14:30-16:20 DSB/B105 C13 Mo 11:30-13:20 DSB/B105 Thu 14:30-15:20 DSB/B105 Th 12:30-13:20 DSB/B105 C16 Tu 12:30-13:20 DSB/B105 C14 Tu 09:30-10:20 DSB/B105 Fr 12:30-14:20 DSB/B105 Fr 09:30-11:20 DSB/B105 C17 Mo 09:30-10:20 DSB/B105 Th 09:30-11:20 DSB/B105 Carolyn Capretta Course Coordinator Instructor [email protected] Office: DSB 210 Office Hours: Mon. 11:30am – 12:20pm Tues. 10:30pm – 12:20pm or by appointment (905) 525-9140 x24704 Teaching Assistants: TBA C OURSE E LEMENTS Credit Value: 3 Leadership: Yes IT skills: Yes Global view: Yes Avenue: Yes Ethics: Yes Numeracy: Yes Written skills: Yes Participation: Yes Innovation: Yes Group work: Yes Oral skills: Yes Evidence-based: Yes Experiential: Yes Final Exam: No Self- Asessments: Yes
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Commerce 3SO3 Page 2 of 14 C OURSE D ESCRIPTION This highly participative and interactive course highlights the importance of Management Skills in the contemporary workplace. Using a combination of readings, lectures, classroom discussions and exercises, individual assignments, self-assessments and group assignments, the course will emphasize skills acquisition as well as a thorough understanding of the theory behind management principles. The course will follow a skills-based educational approach, which emphasizes not only helping students to think differently by helping them to understand the theory behind Management Skills, but to act differently by practicing those skills in the classroom environment. Classroom exercises are designed to help students apply management skills in a way that reinforces learning, changes behaviour, and is transferrable to the workplace. The early part of the course will focus on defining Management Skills and clarifying their importance in the workplace. Early work will also address self-awareness and the assessment of core management skills such as stress management, time management, communication and problem-solving. As the course progresses, students will explore more advanced Management Skills such as
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Comm 3SO3 course outline W2012 Capretta Final - Commerce...

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