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SAP1 Slides - Group Reflection Please review the course...

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21/01/2012 1 SAP #1 Outline, Guidelines Details for Vision Due at the second class in week 5 - Jan. 30 1 Several SAP Additional Guidelines as discussed in class throughout the term 10 -12 point font 1 ½ to double spacing Approx. one inch margins No sourcing, endnotes or bibliography required Appendix 1 to be in order of assessments 1 15 and include the Checklist of Assessments found on A2L Ensure all group members have included and completed all 15 Self-Assessments 2 SAP Additional Guidelines as discussed in class throughout the term cont . . . Individual Skills Acquisition Contract needs to meet the above criteria on a person by person basis. It is OK if each group members uses different formatting from one another Group Reflection: Please review the course
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Unformatted text preview: Group Reflection: Please review the course outline and incorporate front end course outline topics from Chapters 1 – 5, process-oriented • These details have been reviewed in class and are to be used in conjunction with additional class discussion/notes and the course outline 3 SAP Additional Clarification • If an assessment asks for payment for a detailed version, you are not required to pay for this. The free summary provided is sufficient for the report. • No reformatting of appendices is required, just print as is. These printouts are for you to use as working copies, feel free to write on them as you determine the Strength and Weakness you are going to select. A clean copy is not required for report, include your working copy. 4...
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