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1 Assignment Schedule PSY 261/SOC 261: Introduction to Social Psychology Spring 2012 Prof.: Sue Gordon Please Note: This schedule is tentative. Reading, Assignment due dates or Test hand-in dates may change. Therefore, check Angel announcements daily. Abbreviations as follows: Mo = Monday; We = Wednesday Week #, Starting Chapter Readings/Tests/Assignments 1. Mo, 01/23 Chapter (CH) 1 : What is Social Psychology? An Introduction We, 01/25 CH 1 : Continued 2. Mo, 01/30 CH 2: Conformity: Influencing Behavior We, 02/01 CH 2 : Continued 3. Mo, 02/06 CH 3: Mass Communication , Propaganda and Persuasion: Influencing thoughts and Feelings (Attitudes) We, 02/08 CH 3 : Continued 4. Mo, 02/13 Groups (Reading Assignment below, and ESSAY DUE ) Van Bugt, M., DeCremer, D., and Janssen, D. P. (2007). Gender In cooperation and competition: The male-warrior hypothesis. In Lesko, W. A. (Ed.) Readings in Social Psychology ( 7th Ed.). (2009). (pp. 291-297).
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This note was uploaded on 01/30/2012 for the course PSYCHOLOGY 261 taught by Professor Suegordon during the Spring '11 term at College of Southern Nevada.

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261_Spring2012_Assignment_Schedule - 1 Assignment Schedule...

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