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Eva-Marie Lemos Social Psychology 261 Conformity When I was working at Best Buy my coworkers were complaining about one of the other employees that ‘nobody’ liked. I was sitting in the break room while they were talking about it; their intention being to get as many people to think the same as they did to get this person fired. I personally had no opinion on this person, but when confronted with the issue I didn’t want to get involved. This group of coworkers kept going around the store to other employees and filling them with these negative thoughts. Finally when I was having a general conversation with one of
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Unformatted text preview: the managers, and they started to say negative things about this person I started to agree. I look back on it and cant believe that just because one of my bosses says someone is bad, I should agree. Ultimately the group got what they wanted and the person was fired for time clock errors. It bothers me that in a work environment with people of all ages, it is like high school. I am so glad that I do not work there anymore, and it upsets me to look back and know that I was a contributing factor in someone losing their job unjustly....
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