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Eva-Marie Lemos January 24, 2012 Social Psychology 261 Beliefs Things that my friends believe (Carly) -Religion is a hoax, they are just a bunch of brain washed people. -Friends should come first; they are there for you more than family is. -People shouldn’t have to help others; it is their misfortune and their fault for the situations they are in. Things that my family believes (Mom) -Religion is the glue that holds family together. -Family is first; blood is thicker than water and no matter how bad things get, you’ll have your family. -Helping the less fortunate is something that people should take pride in. Regardless of what people did to get to where they are at, they are where they are asking for help to change. These impact me in many ways. I trust my friends and my family equally, and to have them have such opposing views on things that are important to my life drives me crazy. As far as religion
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Unformatted text preview: goes I have always been an on the fence sort of person. I don’t have any specific beliefs so it is easy for me to agree with my friends, but when I visit with my family; my mother is always telling me to go to church, and how bad of a person I am for not going. I don’t like when people push their beliefs on me (or anyone for that matter) people should get to choose for themselves. As far as family first, this is what I believe and when my friend opposes it I let her know I don’t appreciate it. Helping the less fortunate is also another thing in my life that I do not let others comment on. This is something that I grew up doing and it was praised in my family. It is something that is fulfilling and I plan to continue this as my son grows....
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