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PCAP Section 1 Instructions Step 1: Complete the attached questionnaire. You do not have to upload your questionnaire but after completing the questionnaire as honestly as you can, answer the following questions. Step 2: You should answer the following questions in a 2 -3 page paper. This paper is a chance to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own communication skills. The answers to these questions will help you to decide what specific Communication Project you would like to under - take this semester to improve your communication competence. Answer the following questions: 1. When you look at your answers, which areas of communication were you most competent in? What has helped you to have these areas of communication expertise? 2. How can you build
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Unformatted text preview: on and support the positive communication skills you possess? 3. When you look back at your answers, which ones stood out as lower scores than you want? Why do you think you had the low scores on the items? 4. How do the low scores impact your current interpersonal communication with your friends and family? 5. How do you think your lower scores may impact your future personal and professional com-petence? (What will happen if you don't make some changes to improve these areas of com-munication? 6. Which PCAP #2 project do you think can help you to address your communication weak-nesses? Why?" STEP 3: UPLOAD YOUR ASSIGNMENT TO BLACKBOARD ACCORDING TO THE DATE ON YOUR SYLLABUS man search for meaning book...
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