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Personal Communication Project #2 Rubric /100 points Great! (16.7-15) Good (14.9-13.3)Fair (13.2-11.6) Poor (11.5-0) Connections between chosen project and identifed personal communication needs in PCAP #1 Clearly identifes and explains the connection Minimally Identifes and explains, the connection Di f cult to ascertain / Very little connection is shown No connection or explanation is made Project Components All components are completed thoroughly and thoughtFully . All components are completed. All /M ajority oF project components are completed, but minimally . Many oF the project components are incomplete. Learning Objectives Project clearly meet s the identifed learning objectives with specifc inFormation veriFying objective achievement. Project shows progress to meet the majority oF learning objectives. Di f cult to ascertain iF the learning objectives were met through the project. The learning objectives were not met through the project. Questions All project questions are answered completely and
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Unformatted text preview: thoughtFully . All project questions are answered. All / Most oF the project questions are answered, but minimally . A number oF answers to project questions missing. Utilization o± course concepts and vocabulary Excellent use Good use Vague use oF reFerences Minimal iF any reFerences Re²ection In-depth understanding oF personal growth through the project. Many personal Feelings and reactions are included. Understanding oF personal growth through the project. ±ew personal Feelings and reactions are included. Vague : Personal change elements, and personal emotions or reactions are vaguely reFerenced. Minimal : Re±ection questions are minimal or not included at all. +0-3-6-10 Paper Presentation Grammar Composition Spelling Length Format PerFectly Formatted and proFessionally presented. No GCSL errors. A Few (1-3) F ormatting, GCSL errors. Several (3-7) F ormatting, GCSL errors. Many (8+) Formatting, GCSL errors....
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