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ECE 320 Lab 5 - UL - Experiment #5 The Frequency Response...

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Experiment #5 The Frequency Response of the Common-Emitter Amplifier Executive Summary: The frequency response of the BJT transistor was studied in this lab. We swept the input frequency of a Common Emitter configured BJT transistor from 1 Hz to 1 MHz and analyzed the gain of the frequency. For the first step, the Lower-cutoff frequency was about 200 Hz. Below this frequency, the gain was decreasing. And the Upper-cutoff frequency was about 200 KHz. Similarly, we were observing the gain to be going down above 200 KHz. When we added a small capacitor between Base and Collector of the BJT, the upper cutoff was highly affected. The Upper-cutoff frequency was decreased to about 7 KHz. Objective: The objective of this lab experiment is to study the frequency response of a common emitter amplifier and verify the effects of circuit capacitors and the internal device capacitances of the transistor on the voltage gain of the amplifier at low, high & intermediate frequency ranges. Diagrams: Data: Data for Figure 1 R_L 5.1K QMMBT2222A/PLP Q3 R1 150k R2 33.3k Re 1.3k Rc 4.7k C3 100u C1 100u 0 12Vdc 0 R_S 2k 0 C2 100u V9 1Vac 0Vdc R_L1 5.1K QMMBT2222A/PLP Q4 R3 150k R4 33.3k Re1 1.3k Rc1 4.7k C4 100u C5 100u 0 12Vdc 0 R_S1 2k 0 C6 100u V11 1Vac 0Vdc C7 1n Figure 2 Figure 1
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ECE 320 Lab 5 - UL - Experiment #5 The Frequency Response...

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